Our vision is to create a change of attitude, so no one discards plastic, chewing gum, cigarette butts and other waste material outside of the provided rubbish bins. The less rubbish found outside of rubbish bins means that we all benefit from having less rubbish finding its way into our local nature and waterways.

It may seem strange that we set out in Frederiksberg but this is where we live, and we think it is right to start locally and therefore with ourselves.

Our motto is: “Clean city, clean environment, clean sea, clean conscience”.

We want it to be just as socially unacceptable to litter as it is today unacceptable to smoke in Danish hospitals. When the change in attitude has taken effect in all of the municipalities, we want to become “unemployed” in this context.

Imagine if …
• Each district cleaned up after itself
• Each city cleaned up after itself
• Each country cleaned up after itself
• All rubbish was correctly discarded in rubbish bins

Change happens best in a community. Together we can make a difference by taking responsibility for the environment around us, this is achieved through creating a change of attitude towards litter.

When citizens, institutions, businesses, municipalities and the state come together and take responsibility by making the cities, local nature and waterways around us clean – completely clean, then we have reached our goal.

We all want the same thing: clean cities, clean nature and clean waters: locally, nationally and globally.

Come and join us and show that you want a change of attitude too.

The social element:

There is also another element to our project: you get out, you get moving, you get to know other locals, you become more involved locally, and in doing so you take more ownership of your city. Moreover, many people will experience that it is nice to make a difference and become aware that it gives energy to contribute locally, nationally and globally at the same time.

That’s why a litter collection walk is a movement for life.